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To offer low-cost health and general wellness options with a focus on population control through spaying, neutering and the education of our clients to help maintain best practices in small animal care.

Current Services- In-House Lic. Vet Tech, Visiting Vets and Visiting Lic. Vet Techs.

Preventive Medicine - Vaccines - Wellness Exams - Client Education - Parasite Control- Routine Medicine - Physical Exams - Consultation and Treatment of Common Issues -  - Referral for Surgery, X-ray and Comprehensive Diagnostics - Spay/Neuter - Soft Tissue & Minor Wound Care - Post-Operative care- Basic PVC

Introductory Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Packages

  • $125 EC Female Dog
  • $100 EC Male Dog
  • $100 EC Female Cat
  • $75 EC Male Cat

Prices include:

- General Health Check

- Anesthesia

- Surgical Spay/Neuter

- Pain Medication

- Follow up office visit within the first month for any reason

* Packages Valued at over $250 EC for cats and over $400 EC for dogs! Additional FREE services will be given when available including FREE flea/tick meds, dewormer, blood tests for some internal parasites, and disease (4DX test).

Ross University VIDA Vet and Student Vet Support

We have the support of Ross University VIDA who generously donate their time during the year for small spay/neuter clinics and wellness days.  Please see their Facebook Page at

Proposed Services with On-Site Vet and as Equipment Becomes Available

Diagnostic In-house lab – End of Life Care/ Euthanasia, blood/urine/fecal/skin, Anesthesia, Digital Radiology (X-Ray) in house  Ultrasound Radiologist consultation via digital transmission

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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve the conditions of thousands of animals. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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