Meet and join our team!

Ninja-Born on Nevis


Ninja is a local mixed breed who was abandoned in a field and left tied to a tree to die. Even though Ninja was starving when he was found, he ignored the food offered focusing only on his need for human contact.   Realizing his special connection with people, Ninja was brought back to  health, tested and trained for Therapy Dog work.  Following his first  successful year of being a Therapy Dog in 2014, Ninja's keen senses have been  further trained to support his handler, Janice, as her Medical Service  dog. Ninja enjoys traveling and teaching around the world!

Lacy-Born on Nevis


Lacy is a local mixed breed who was abandon and found by Nevis Animal Speak.  Her SUPER friendly and gentle nature made her Therapy Dog training a real pleasure.  Lacy LOVES everyone!  People, cats, dogs and more!  She is gentle, loves playing fetch and enjoys getting treats for a job well done!  The smallest and happiest of our team, Lacy is quickly becoming a favorite with all she meets!

Bearette- Born on Hong Kong


Bearette was adopted at 4 months old after  being found alone in the woods.  She was a smart and playful puppy who  was very athletic and an excellent swimmer.

Although originally trained as a Therapy Dog, Bearette also doubles as a medical Medical Service dog for her handler Janice. Bearette has taught in the US, Hong Kong, Mexico and  Nevis. We are thrilled she is sharing her kind and gentle nature with the many  people she visits around around the world!

Therapy Dog Requirements


Dog Volunteer Requirements

  • Volunteer dogs of pedigree or mixed breed need to be healthy and have a happy, placid, nature. 
  • Dogs must be at least two years old before examination.      
  • Both male and female dogs must be spayed and neutered. 
  • Dogs must display basic obedience skills such as sit, down, stay and come. 
  • Dogs must be leash trained
  • Dogs must have lived with the handler for at least 6 months prior to examination. 
  • All vaccinations must be up to date and proof of vaccination provided for our records. 



A Therapy Dog is unique in that he/she has been tested in multiple rigorous situations for the ability to interact happily and calmly with the people and environments they visit.  

Necessary qualities include:

- Overall Temperament
- Tolerance of Physical Contact
- Social Acceptance of Other Dogs
- Reaction in Stressful Situations
- Crowd and Noise Tolerance
- Age, Gender and Racial

Human Volunteer Requirements


Human Volunteer Requirements

  • Human volunteers must be over the age of 18
  • Volunteers must be committed to the program and its aims. 
  • Volunteers must have good "people skills" and an enthusiastic personality. 
  • Volunteers must be willing to be a part of a team and enjoy meeting new people.
  • Volunteers must be available for visits on weekdays. Visits may be to schools, youth groups, hospitals, nursing homes, Social Service Programs and more. Each lesson lasts one hour,      however, allowing for additional traveling time, volunteers need to  allow approximately 2 hours for each visit.


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