Nevis Feral Cat Project

The Plan

The Plan:

1. Identify areas where cats are commonly seen, assign areas to volunteers.
2. Gather needed supplies (in progress)

3. Ensure there will be people available to both check on cats after surgery and then transport cats back “home” when recovered.

4. There is a shortage of carriers (and traps)- brainstorm how to shuffle them best we can.

Flow of Events

1.  Between 10-2 days before the clinic, begin feeding small amounts of food so cats become accustomed to
     seeing food in a certain area where we will later be setting traps.

2. Begin trapping on the evening of Sunday March 16.

3. Transfer trapped cats to carriers and transport them to be held at Caribbean Cove  until Tuesday morning
    surgery. Held cats will need someone to check on them and give them food and water until the evening before

4. Once traps are empty, they must be cleaned and ready for reuse each evening. We will trap every evening
     from Sunday to Wednesday.

5.  After surgery, cats will recover in their carriers at Caribbean Cove. During recovery they will also need
     someone to check them and give them food and water.

6. Male cats will be held for recovery overnight, and female cats will be held 24-36 hours. After this time, cats will need to be transported back where they came from and released.

Areas Identified for Cat Trapping:

Westbury  trash cans, Oualie beach, Best Buy (both), Cotton Ground, Charlestown  around market, Brown Pasture, Bath village by bakery, Brick Kiln trash  cans. Also, but need to contact first to confirm: Pizza Beach, MUA,  Nisbett.

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